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Abandoned 401(k)s: Put Your Dormant Retirement Assets to Use

In a series of videos, we sat down with New Direction IRA CEO Bill Humphrey to discuss the alarming amount of money abandoned in 401(k)s each year and what investors can do in a few simple steps to reclaim those funds. Explore our video series below or read the cliff notes we’ve included for you.


Did you know that every year 33,000 Americans abandon money? It sounds crazy, but the truth is workers are changing jobs more frequently and in doing so many forget to transfer or roll over their previous retirement assets. The good news is, transferring funds is easy. Investors simply need to fill out the appropriate paperwork.


Once an investor leaves or retires from a previous job, they have a window to roll over their 401(k) assets. Transferring funds allows an investor to move assets into an IRA, self-directed IRA or even a precious metals IRA. When transferring funds into a traditional IRA, many investors choose to take their money to Wall Street where it can be managed for them with little control or attention needed. Investors seeking to transition abandoned funds into a more flexible retirement savings vehicle where they have the freedom and control to choose the assets they feel best support their investment objective should consider a self-directed IRA.  For those investors looking for the ability to save for a secure retirement but also looking to keep their assets distanced from Wall Street, a precious metals IRA is a great option.


Choosing a precious metals IRA allows an investor to take any old 401(k) assets and roll them into physical precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Investors tend to choose the Gold IRA option because they are looking to hold full control of their assets and are attracted to the diversification benefits holding physical assets can bring to a portfolio. When choosing precious metals, an investor can rest assured that a stock market collapse will not render their retirement savings worthless.

Additionally, the process for rolling over an abandoned 401(k) into a Gold IRA is simple, while doing it alone can be a 6-8 week process, working with a trusted partner like Noble Gold and New Direction IRA allows for a hands-free process. Investors who choose Noble Gold simply have to fill out initial paperwork and then sit back while the rest of the work is handled for them, resting assured it is done efficiently and in compliance with all regulations.

If you think you may have left retirement assets at a previous job, call Noble Gold today and we can help you reclaim your hard-earned money and put it to better use is a properly managed IRA.


Unsure if investing in a gold IRA is right for you? Download our FREE Gold & SIlver Investment Guide to get a better understanding of the benefits precious metals can add to your portfolio. Or give our team a call at 877-646-5347 and we’ll happily answer any of your questions with no expectations.

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