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Why Your Company Should Invest in Gold

Keep employee wages and benefits secure in uncertain economic times.

This year undoubtedly has been filled with turmoil, from politics, the markets and even natural disasters. In these times of uncertainty, individuals and corporations alike turn to safe haven assets to provide an added layer of security to their portfolios.

Recently, Philly.com ran an article discussing the increase in gold prices due to investors seeking a market hedge as distrust in the government and economy grows. The article states that in 2015, the chairman of Overstock.com, Jonathan Johnson, said Overstock had accumulated enough gold and silver to pay its employees for several months “in case of bank failures or currency problems.” The company accumulated precious metals in the form of small coins, instead of bars, so that it would be able to use them for payroll purposes, in the event another financial incident occurred.

Many view gold and silver investments as a way for individuals to prepare for major disasters; however, this alternative investment class is also a valuable vehicle for corporations to utilize. When hard economic times hit they don’t just hit the individuals trying to get by, but the employers supporting those Americans and writing their paychecks. It is the responsibility of companies, large and small, to ensure they have the means to protect their employees in times of economic hardship. Precious metals provide that security.

Though we are typically concerned with educating individuals about the importance of diversifying their portfolios with precious metals, we know that many of our clients and friends also own or run businesses. We felt Overstock.com was a great example to share with you, as an alternative investment strategy to ensure financial security for your company and its employees.

Noble Gold knows that you care about the future of your legacy, and that success depends on the prosperity of your company and those who help it run. Have you ever thought about purchasing precious metals to secure the future of your business during this tumultuous time in history?

If your company is interested in investing in precious metals, or offering gold IRAs as part of your employee benefits, please contact us today. At Noble Gold we are happy to answer any of your questions to ensure you are fully educated and able to make the investment decision that best suits your needs.

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