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Gold Product Showdown: Bars, Coins and IRAs

IRAs, coins and bars, oh my! The allure of gold attracts many investors – it is a resilient asset that has withstood the tests of time. But once you decide to go with gold, what do you do next?

You decide on what form of gold you wish to invest in. The options are: 1. Invest in a gold IRA, using your retirement funds as you would any other IRA; 2. Purchase physical bars of gold, which you can take home or store at a depository; or 3. Buy gold coins, often seen as collector’s items.

Take a look at the similarities and differences between gold IRAs, physical bars and coins to help you figure out which route to gold is best for you.




With any investment, ensure you are purchasing precious metal products from a reputable dealer or financial institution to confirm authenticity. Additionally, be aware of theft and insurance issues when storing at home.  

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Gold and SIiver Investment Guide