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Hollywood’s Enduring Love of Gold

Over the years, whether it’s been the starlets or the characters they’ve played, Hollywood has undoubtedly been drawn to the allure of gold. The Golden Globe Awards will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Hollywood excellence on Sunday, inspiring us to dive into Hollywood’s love affair with gold.

Is the Golden Globe actually gold? History of the statuette.

In 1944, the first awards were not globes but scrolls. The following year, the association held a contest to find a design for a statuette that would best represent the overall aims of the organization and thus the idea of a shiny globe on a cylindrical pedestal, to represent the world, was born. Having been redesigned numerous times throughout its life, the globe, now wrapped in a film strip, has a 24-karat gold-plated zinc die cast top. However, figuring out how much it is actually worth depends more on who won the award and what for.

How many gold bars fit into a mini?

If there is one thing Hollywood does best, it’s a heist. The 2003 Hollywood hit The Italian Job embodies this concept like no other. An eclectic team of thieves band together to steal back loot that was once theirs – $35 million in gold bars to be exact. The intricate plan involved three mini coopers, a shutdown subway and a whole lot of muscle to move all that gold. Fun fact, at the time the movie was filmed, $35 million worth of gold would weigh just shy of three tons (that’s 5,912 pounds).

Dripping in gold from head to toe

A metallic fashion trend ruled the red carpet in 2017. The 24k Gold Zac Posen dress worn by Caroline Correa exemplified the meaning ‘dripping in gold’. Debuted at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, the dress was covered from head to toe in 24-karat gold leaf palettes that were hand-cut to vary in size. While the dress may not have been made of solid gold for practicality reasons – no one could stand, much less stroll elegantly down the red carpet if it were – it definitely attracted attention.    

J’adore, gold on your skin?

Hollywood’s fascination with gold is again shown in Charlize Theron’s commercials for J’adore by Dior perfume. In recent years, cosmetics companies such as L’Oréal, L’Core Paris and Peter Thomas Roth have been turning to gold nanoparticles for their skincare products. Gold nanoparticles have been used in the past in pharmaceutical and medical uses, but are now being harnessed for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Next time you’re looking for anti-aging or other skin care products, check those featuring our glittery friend gold – it’s used for wrinkle-relief, extra glow and skin cell stimulation.

This display of fame and glamour by Hollywood’s elite often entrance the general public, undoubtedly influencing consumer habits and the trends we so eagerly adopt. Regardless of the money, the glamour or the physiological properties, we can’t seem to deny the alluring draw of gold. We hope you enjoyed this fun tribute to Hollywood!


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