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Everything’s Bigger in Texas: EXCLUSIVE Access to the New Gold IRA Storage Facility

Until recently, the East Coast had a monopoly on precious metal IRA storage. That all changed in May 2017 when Noble Gold secured an unprecedented partnership with the International Depository Services (IDS) in Dallas, which allows Noble Gold to offer private, secure gold storage at the depository facility right in the heart of Texas.

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Complicated and cumbersome laws have made it difficult to open government approved gold IRA storage facilities outside of the East Coast.  However, the IDS facility has passed these hurtles and is certified to meet all of the government requirements.

The high-security facility stores everything from bullions and coins to platinum and palladium. The security procedures and precautions at the depository are world class. The facility features segregated storage, electronic security, internal control, customer protections and insurance provisions.

Precious metal IRAs are a great way to diversify retirement accounts and protect against a future stock market crash. During a long cycle of national debt, rising consumer costs and limited options for safe investments, gold and silver can guard against a falling dollar, stock market declines, and global economic downturns.

Noble Gold only deals with tangible assets, unlike some other precious metals that invest client money in the gold index or other stocks and bonds, which are susceptible to the volatility of the stock market.

Why Texas?  Noble Gold CEO Charles Thorngren said Texas was the ideal location not only for its central geographic location but also because Texas is one of the few states that stand up for states’ rights.

“Texas has a history of standing up for its people,” said Thorngren said in an interview with Crain’s Dallas. “In this day and age, people are tired of Washington. They want a little bit more control, a little bit more security.”

According to Thorngren, if people had invested in gold IRAs before the recession, many retirement accounts may have been much better protected.

Noble Gold was founded by Thorngren and Collin Plume after decades of experience in the wealth management and precious metals industries. The founders started the company with the mission of providing friendly, honest and knowledgeable guidance of how to increase investment value for clients.

Noble Gold acts as a trusted custodian for investors looking to transition or purchase IRA-approved precious metals. Its offerings include some of the most innovative, informative and proactive strategies for their niche market. Noble Gold takes the time to educate each investor on precious metals and investment options. Additionally, it is the only firm in the industry that provides proof-of-purchase to investors when their metals reach the depository, sending photo identification of each asset to ensure peace of mind and build trust.