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Donate to Support Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas

Please join the Noble Gold team in supporting the Red Cross and its relief efforts to aid the people affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

You have seen the devastation in the news for weeks, and it will take the support of all of our fellow Americans to improve the lives of the great people of Houston for months to come.

Noble Gold’s Passion for Texas

Texas holds a special place in our heart because Texas is one of the few states that stand up for states’ rights and for its people, a stance we support. That's why we secured a partnership with the IDS to offer our gold IRA storage in Dallas, at the first certified storage depository outside of the East Coast.

Texas and its people are very important to us, and we are extremely saddened by the destruction caused by the recent hurricane. We founded Noble Gold to help our clients better prepare for the future and have peace of mind that their assets are safe and secure. We know that the people of Houston need security and safety in their immediate future, and have lost many of their assets to the horrific flooding.

Our fellow Americans need our support, and every dollar counts. We started this donation fund with $1,000 of our own and hope to raise $100,000 by October. But our efforts don’t stop there, the victims of Hurricane Harvey need our thoughts, prayers and support long after October.

We ask that you join us by giving what you can to help Houston and the Gulf Coast in not only enduring this tragedy but recovering and rebuilding in the months to come.

To give back to the cause and impact lives today, you can donate here.


We offer a sincere thank you and appreciation to all who help in this effort,

 -Charles Thorngren, Collin Plume and the Noble Gold Team