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Palladium 101: What to Know and Why to Invest

Palladium, ever heard of it? While its proper name may not ring a bell, you’ve likely heard of or even been enamored by ‘white gold’, the name it’s more commonly known by. Palladium is part of the...


What Happens When States Use Precious Metals as Legal Tender

Legal tender is a form of payment that meets a financial obligation, such as extinguishing a debt, and the medium is recognized by a legal system. In many countries, legal tender is paper currency...


Survival Tips: How to Ensure You'll Have Currency if the Bomb Drops

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by clients and prospective investors alike is “What’s the difference between buying physical metals and investing in an index?” Not only is this a...


Jump on the Silver Train: Why Now is the Time to Invest in Silver

In the precious metals world gold tends to get all the attention, but its close companion silver brings plenty to the table for investors looking to hedge turbulent markets and capitalize on...

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