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Palladium 101: What to Know and Why to Invest

Palladium, ever heard of it? While its proper name may not ring a bell, you’ve likely heard of or even been enamored by ‘white gold’, the name it’s more commonly known by. Palladium is part of the platinum family and like its precious metal cousins it has many uses.

It serves a variety of applications, from electronics and jewelry, to dentistry and medicine, and even groundwater treatment. Another important trait to note is palladium’s role as a key component in fuel cells, which react hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water.

So what does this little-known, but rare metal have to bring to an investment portfolio? Plenty.

To start, palladium is an IRA-approved precious metal, providing investors the opportunity to hold retirement assets outside of the stock market. Palladium, like other precious metals, can be purchased in physical form and held in a secure depository until an investor is ready to retire at which point they would withdraw their assets and cash in. Holding physical metals allows an investor to truly ‘own’ their assets, unlike stocks or ETFs, meaning if needed they could sell, trade or even barter with those assets. Investing in precious metals also helps to diversify an investor’s holdings.

The value of precious metals lies in being able to analyze and understand the role they play in our economy. For example, since the dot com boom in 1990s, innovation has ceased to stop and the global market has continued to experience a technology revolution, specifically when it comes to consumer goods.

Palladium, as we mentioned earlier, is used in a variety of electronics. One industry in particular driving demand for palladium is the automotive industry. As technology has advanced, so has automotive design and innovation. Automotive parts that were once fabricated with platinum are now being replaced with palladium. It is most commonly used in catalytic converters, an exhaust emission control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants into less toxic pollutant forms, with more than half of palladium’s supply being utilized for this purpose.

So while you may not be aware that palladium is being used in the jewelry, electronics and cars all around you, the increasing use of precious metals in consumer goods and electronics is surely driving greater demand.

The majority of investors are looking to better diversify their portfolios, but fail to venture beyond the major indexes due to lack of understanding or familiarity with alternative investments. The lesson here is simple, observe the undeniable obsession with technology and then take a step back. Rather than investing in the technology companies producing the gadgets we can’t live without, seek out investment opportunities in the resources the technology giants depend on to survive.  


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