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Survival Tips: How to Ensure You'll Have Currency if the Bomb Drops

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by clients and prospective investors alike is “What’s the difference between buying physical metals and investing in an index?” Not only is this a great question, it’s a conversation that should be more frequently discussed with investors.

When it comes to investing in precious metals we always encourage clients to purchase physical assets, not just because holding a gold brick is amusing, but for practical reasons too. An investor is protecting their well-being by owning physical metals in the event that a major disaster happens.

In today’s highly evolved world, we are faced not only with disasters out of our control such as recent hurricanes and wildfires, but technology driven threats as well. Investors must not only think about the potential upside an investment can bring, but the security of that investment also.

North Korea continues to threaten nuclear warfare, meanwhile hackers continue to advance cyber threats leading fears to surface regarding an impending stock market breach. A cyberattack on a stock market could render an investor’s assets worthless in minutes. A nuclear missile, in the event you survive, would leave society in upheaval with loss of access to banks and all governing institutions. So where do precious metals fit into this paradox?

An investor who purchases physical metals is not at risk of losing their entire investment in the event the markets collapse. Physical metals also provide a tangible form of alternative currency which can be used to purchase and barter with globally in the event a major disaster strikes. And in the event that there are zero disasters in an investor’s lifetime, they have made a solid investment that hedges inflation and can be sold at market price or gifted to an heir.

Investing in precious metals is a savvy investment strategy aiding investors to protect the longevity of their wealth and prepare for the worst. Whether you believe the end of the world is coming or not, a 10 percent diversification of precious metals in any portfolio can help hedge against turbulent markets


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